Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blobfish, grim-faced rare fish

The team of researchers from the University of New York, England found a fish called Blobfish. Fish species became famous because of his reputation that has long face, like someone was dogged by sadness.

Blobfish found in southeast Australian waters seem to have a reason to show the face of melancholy. Because based on the testimony professor Callum Roberts, Blobfish endangered Due to the action of fishing on a large scale.

"Highly vulnerable Blobfish entangled fishing trawler and we know that Blobfish can only live in these waters," Roberts said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

The inhabitants of the waters in the form of fat that can grow to a size of 12 inches. Although not edible, Blobfish live in water depths similar to other marine organisms that can be consumed, such as crabs and lobsters. Average Blobfish live at depths of up to 800 meters away from the water surface. That is why the existence of Blowfish is rarely seen by humans.

Thanks to fishing techniques that do not jeopardize endangered species, the scientists succeeded in capturing Blobfish for later investigation.

"Australia and New Zealand waters are the most active regions in the world in conducting large-scale fishing. So if you become Blobfish, the region is not a good place to be a place to live," he said.

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